Chuck Thompson(non-registered)
Howard I was shooting with you in Norway and your pictures are very superior to mine. You have the eye!
Abe Meran(non-registered)
Awesome pictures Howard.
Wayne The pho(non-registered)
Howard, the photos from Pantagonia are spectacular
These are some of your best work, yet!! WOWSER
Richard Demeule(non-registered)
Your work is stunning, Howard - simply stunning.....
Ann-Marie Evans(non-registered)
Wow!!! You have captured beautiful, beautiful scenes.

Thank you
Debbie Jackson(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos Howard. I am jealous of a couple of your shots that I did not take, myself. It was nice meeting you and I'm sure we'll meet again.
Helena Koay(non-registered)
Absolutely breathtaking pictures! I agree with Ann-Marie Evans that you zero in on the essence and beauty of the view; bringing us right there with you.
Wayne T. Fisk
Outstanding work, Howard! Simply, stunning!
Ann-Marie Evans(non-registered)
Outstanding!! What lovely photos. You certainly are able to capture the heart of things.
Thank you for sharing.
Jie Liang(non-registered)
You have a fantastic collection of photos. I like your recent Moroco series very much. Just keep posing.
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